Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Leave the Gun, Take the Cannoli

Random observations from this year's La Festa Italiana:

  • For some reason, there were a lot of people dragging their dogs along this year. This is the first year that I've ever seen anybody at this thing with a pet of any kind, and for good reason. If you've ever been to La Fester, you'll know that it is no place for pets. I even saw a few people pulling chihuahuas around on leashes, wich I'm sure resulted in more than a few people leaving with chihuahua pancakes stuck to their sandals
  • Out of all the stands that were there, not a single one had a genuine white pizza. Too many people these days seem to think that a white pizza is nothing more than a regular pizza with no sauce, and usually, to add insult to injury, tomato slices on top. ("Ha ha! You will have tomatoes on your pizza, whether you like it or not!") There's a number of spices that are needed to have a good white pizza, and nobody there this weekend had 'em.
  • While we're on the subject, "Buffalo Wing" is NOT a legitimate pizza topping. Where did you learn this? STOP DOING IT! You see those little red discs over there? Those are pepperoni. Try putting those on a pizza, I heard they're pretty good.
  • Also, while geographically close, gyros do not count as Italian food. Let's try not to have three tents selling them next year, mmkay?
  • Finally, there was a local restaurant selling fried ravioli at $4.50 for a plate of 4. That breaks down to $1 per ravioli (if you assume that the sauce is $.50). The goddamn things better be made of solid platinum with diamond cheese for that price.

Anyway, that's enough griping about food for one year. Now it's time for that most sacred of post-Labor Day traditions in Scranton: The week's worth of heartburn and indigestion! Wheeeee!

Upside-down sign at an anti-gay-marriage rally
The anti-gay marriage crowd proudly displays their intellect to the world.
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