Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Know Your Defunct Amusement Parks in Pennsylvania

John Mitchell statue with dead wreath
Remembering the Labor Movement in 2012
iPhone photograph on Blog

So I have this great idea for a First Friday meta-exhibit! It's called "We Parked at the Mall," and it consists of exterior photographs of various First Friday galleries that, for whatever reason, decided to turn out the lights and pack it in by 8:15 or so, the event's official 9 PM end time notwithstanding.

Apparently, the strategy to actually seeing more than two or three galleries at this thing is to bring a good pair of running shoes, don't spend more than five seconds on any one piece, and pray that you don't run into too many people you know. After all, it's not like this is supposed to be a social event or anything. Don't bother trying to come back on Saturday in the hope that any of it will be open again, either. Are you kidding? This place is even more of a desolate ghost town on the weekends than it is during the week!

Remember kids: we all want to revitalize downtown Scranton. We just don't want to put in more than an hour and a half per month to do it.

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I Am Not a Robot said...

Love that wreath. Very autumnal. Or post-autumnal, rather. I can't wait to see what they dredge up for winter, but my choice would be carving a wreath out of hardened rock salt. Maybe spray paint it a semi-festive neon color. I think there's still a decade-old bag down in the family garage that they can use.